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How does it work?

  • We give you a custom piece of code that you can embed into your website.
  • You may change the colors and size easily to match your site perfectly.
  • Clients and users respond to all events on your own website.
  • Set events up for yourself, and also give separate access to clients if necessary!
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Live Examples

See live examples of websites that have our RSVPhere service embedded:

Features for Your Clients - the hosts of events (including yourself)

  • Online response to paper or email invitations.


  • Add photo gallery (optionally guests can also upload photos).


  • Allow for guest comments and add custom links.


  • Take advantage of the customizable Digital Checklist.


  • Add custom questions: multiple choice or open ended.


  • Add a main photo or use the auto-generated Google map.


  • Add attachments: maps, articles, forms...


  • Add custom links: other websites,product links, sponsor sites..


  • Automatic Reminder and Thank You email to all who replied.


  • Find a theme that suits your event best.


  • Change the site colors and size to be customized to your liking!


  • Set up the RSVP options or disable RSVPs for public pages.


  • Add and edit event detail at any time.


  • Manage your RSVPs online and export data to provide your vendors


  • Import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook.


  • Organize your contacts into groups.


  • Send online invitations to your contacts or entire groups!


  • Manage guest's comments or add yours.


  • RSVP for you and your guests.


  • Track your events and the ones you have RSVPed to.


  • Copy direct links of your public events on Facebook, Twitter...


  • What else?! Contact us for free tour...


  • Extended dashboard - add events for yourself or your clients.


  • Access to an Administrative Area.


  • Manage your users with easy access to their events.


  • Manage your and your client's events or add a new one.


  • Easy color customization manager. Set your design.


  • Create an event for yourself, or assign one to your client.